Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, University of Lancaster

Current Position
I am a Lecturer in Political Philosophy in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at the University of Lancaster. Prior to taking up this position, I was a Teaching Fellow in Political Theory at the University of Edinburgh, having completed my PhD at the University of St Andrews in 2011.

I work mainly on the philosophy of John Stuart Mill: the foundations Mill offers for his theory of practical and theoretical reason, and his connections to the Kantian, post-Kantian, and Romantic traditions of philosophy. I have a wide a range of interests in philosophy and political theory, however, and am also currently working on the philosophy of law. In particular, I'm interested in the nature of genocide - the extent to which it can be said to embody a 'real' moral category, what this might be taken to mean, and how we could know. This research interest feeds into a more general concern with methodological issues in political philosophy and theory. See Publications and Current Projects for more details.

Educational Background
2011 PhD, Philosophy, University of St Andrews
2008 Visiting Student, University of Oxford
2007 MSc, Political Theory, University of Edinburgh
2006 MPhil, Intellectual History and Political Thought, University of Cambridge
2005 MA (Hons.), Philosophy, University of St Andrews